“Find Me Out” by Ronjo V Perfectly Fuses Southern Rock With Power Pop

Ronjo V, photo/image courtesy the artist

If Ronjo V is actually a vanity project led by Ryan Joseph of 5th Street Studios in Austin, Texas then the guy has assembled his own Texan version of Argent Studios because the new single “Find Me Out” is like that glorious power pop that came out of the legendary studio. But if some tasty Southern rock licks were added to the mix. The song begins with a jangle-y figure and like something that could have come out of Memphis garage rock of the past decade with more sophisticated production but same kind of raw melodicism and verve a lot of that music seems to possess. The guitar leads help the song shine with some creative riffing that help to propel the song as much as the spare yet expressive rhythm section. In a lot of music that’s mining the classic rock era there are excessive guitar solos but in embracing that sound all the solos serve the song well and with a diversity of composition that helps keep this song sounding fresh beginning to end. Listen on Soundcloud and follow Ronjo V at the links provided.