Rinkaku Encourages Finding Inspiration in the Throes of Your Darkest Times on Glitchy Darkwave Song “Retaliation”

Rinkaku, photo courtesy the artist

Rinkaku’s “Retaliation”single has a dusky and enigmatic quality with deep vocals reminiscent of a Japanese language TR/ST or John Maus. Its lo-fi electronic production sounds like something from the soundtrack to a Yoshiaki Kawajiri film with the edgy vibe like you’d expect when someone makes a movie out of one of Inio Asano’s darker manga. Rinkaku aka Yoshitaka Delahaije started out making trance before moving on to a wider range of soundscaping and “Retaliation” reflects an amalgamation of ambient, darkwave, trap, noise, glitch and, yes, trance. This eclectic aesthetic gives the song a quality that may seem brooding and menacing on one level but in the end about the affirmation of life and what makes it worth living even in the bleakest of times in one’s own life and in the world generally. Perfect for the crisis-wracked world in which we now find ourselves. Listen to “Retaliation” on Soundcloud and connect with Rinkaku at the links below.