“Rhythm” by roman around is an Affectionate Tribute to the Beloved Animals in Our Lives

roman around, photo courtesy the artist

The way the guitars sit in the mix on roman around’s “Rhythm” is perhaps most immediately striking. There is an emphasis on the percussion and bass highlights with, indeed, rhythm framing the melody. Roman Rivera’s vocals sound like they’re floating in the memory of a dream. The effusive and effervescent sounds toward the end of the song are like the bubbling up of cherished memories but also a shielding of these memories from being eroded by time. The music video for the song makes the lyrics more explicit as an ode to beloved animals in our lives across a lifetime and how though the specific animals may change or the number expand the special connections we have with them remain consistent and something we can look back on with affection even if the pain of loss can mixes in with the joy of our remembrances even though that short time can often make it even more poignant. The music hits like a lo-fi Built to Spill or the more introspective side of DIIV with truly unconventional song structure. Watch the video for “Rhythm” on YouTube and connect with roman around at the links below.

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