Mashmellow Captures the Peak Moments of a Magical Romance With Its Dream Pop Single “Share It”

Mashmellow, photo courtesy the artists

Mashmellow seems to channel a bit of The Shape of Water in its colorful and imaginative video for its debut single “Share It” with its own plot of a romance between a mermaid and an earthbound human. The duo comprised of Masha Shurygina and Egor Berdnikov (of popular Russian indie rock band Hospital) are now based out of Moscow but have roots in Eastern Russia in the Vladivostok area. Inspired in part by 90s dream pop in the writing of the single, the band captures the sweeping dynamic of that era of music with the fuzz tones giving some grit to ethereal melodies but its captivating layering of the music with Shuygina’s melodious voice sets it apart from the current wave of 90s nostalgia rock. The production and choice of pace and rhythm has more in common with the likes of Voice of the Beehive more so than the ambient rock of Seefeel or Slowdive. Though its experiments in entrancing atmospheres throughout the song resonate with the work of those bands as well. It’s an elegant pop song with a touch of power behind the guitar work and an ear for evocative dynamics that strike the perfect balance of uplifting passages and those more introspective. The single was released by Revolver Records (UK) with a forthcoming EP due out in 2020. Watch the video for “Share It” on YouTube and follow Mashmellow at the links below.