RadakBanu’s “666m” Incorporates Elements of Traditional Indonesian Music and Psychedelic Prog to Create Entrancing, Hypnotic Soundscapes

RadakBanu, image courtesy the artists

The title of the song “666m” by Indonesian psychedelic band RadakBanu refers to the height of the volcano mountain in Banda Neira, an island in the east of Indonesia once the center of the spice trade. The song is grounded by a fluidly looping bass line and flowing guitar figure that serves as both melody and accent to the rhythm. If you’re a native English speaking person you probably won’t understand the vocals (perhaps in Bandanese Malay) but it hardly matters as they convey a strong sense of place and passionate reverence. The music is a mix of traditional Indonesian music and informed by Western progressive rock. Like a fusion of traditional music and something by Can in that it feels very spontaneous yet ritualized to put one’s mind in a space outside normal consciousness. The structure of the song is circular yet expansive, its blending of tone and rhythm mesmerizing. Fans of the more folk end of Japanese psych bands like Acid Mothers Temple, Ghost and Kikagaku Moyo as well as Tuareg guitar phenom Mdou Moctar should definitely spend some time with this band’s music as its rhythms, too, are in that kind of hypnotic compound time that allows well infinite iterations with infinite variation. Listen to “666m” on Spotify and follow RadakBanu at the links provided.