The Maximalist Approach to Minimal Techno on Israel Kimchi’s “Live DJ FilmSet #1” Gives it Riveting Diversity and Depth

Israel Kimchi, photo courtesy the artist

Israel Kimchi meticulously crafts a short set on the video for “Live DJ FilmSet #1.” Bringing in echoing tones, pulsing electronic bass, a driving cadre of percussion (electronic and acoustic—much of which he performs live) brought to bear creatively throughout and a progressive house compositional sensibility that centers the sounds and keeps a focus even as seemingly endless layers of sound are brought in without crowding the sonic field as Kimchi expertly adds and removes layers with a seamless precision. He brings in elements of the exotic in the percussion and samples and his builds dropping off into space are masterful rather than predictable. This track may be “Minimal Techno House” but Kimchi’s approach is maximalist in the sound palette and judiciously employed throughout the song’s more than sixteen minutes in a way that holds your attention with enough both variety and consistency. The pace is consistent but the use of dynamics in conjunction with bringing in sounds and themes gives the song a wonderfully colorful quality beginning to end. Including in the last third of the song where there’s a great use of samples of “Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads. Watch the video on YouTube and follow Israel Kimchi at the links provided.