Provoker’s “Since Then” is a Celebration of the Idiosyncratic Glory of Authentic Living

Provoker “Since Then” cover (cropped)

Provoker’s video for “Since Then” (directed by Carl Raymond Hansen) looks like a collage of live performance footage and selections from a box of home movies found at a thrift store. Musically it sits between a grimy surf rock reminiscent of pro-Bossanova Pixies and Mac DeMarco and thus a perfect aesthetic pairing. Like plumbing what some might consider cultural detritus and offhand documentation of odd moments of life and making it into something resonant through raw, creative recontextualization. If there was a West Coast version of Siltbreeze it would embrace this band’s sound that is as much lo-fi pop as it is a commentary on the nature of memory and holding on to those bits of your past and the past generally that enrich your life even if, especially when, a lot of other people don’t get it. It’s what makes us a unique amalgam of roots and experiences and cultivation of feelings, ideas and notions rather than the pre-planned product a corporate oligarchy would like us to embody. Human life, real life, exists outside standard lines of marketability when lived authentically and this song and video is a celebration of that. Watch the video for “Since Then” on YouTube and connect with Provoker at the links provided.