Port Lucian’s Dream Pop Single “20z” Evokes the Magic of Having the Luxury of Seemingly Endless Unstructured Time

Port Lucian, image courtesy the artist

20 is an odd and awkward age. It sits exactly between being a teenager and being 21, the age at which you’re supposed to be an adult or at least you have all the rights and responsibilities of adulthood. When you’re younger it seems so far away and people who are 21 seem like they’re “old” or worldly when, once you get there, you realize how funny these notions are. But at 20, or thereabouts, you start to have an inkling that your teenage bravado about what you think you know is misplaced but don’t yet possess the hilariously unfounded confidence of your mid-twenties when you are sure you’ve seen it all and thought it all and the world is your oyster and if you haven’t made your mark by 25 or certainly by 27 then you’re a failure. Only you’re not. But going back to 20, the Port Lucian single “20z” has a charming, jangle-y guitar melody that maintains a rhythm and tone while Portia Maidment’s vocals swirl slightly commenting on days that seem so significant and summers that seem to last forever giving you the time to go on long drives and talk about whatever comes to mind as though it’s the most important thing in the world. Anyone over 22 remember that time and miss it a little? That sense of the magic of having the luxury of ample unstructured time to fill with contemplating your dreams and aspirations? Of course you do even if your specific experience isn’t quite parallel. That emotional space has been eloquently preserved in this Port Lucian song. Listen to “20z” no Soundcloud, connect with Port Lucian at the links below and look out for the Port Lucian’s Prince of Oddities EP out September 18 on Z Tapes.