Pocket Sun Untangles the Soporific Impulses of the Haunted Heart on “Never Mind”

Pocket Sun, photo courtesy the artist

Pocket Sun’s video for “Never Mind” (animation and video by band leader Gina Tratt with character illustrations in the verses by Jamie Howitt) looks like one of those great modern graphic memoirs. But of course more fantastical even if symbolic of the subject of the song. The dreamlike imagery matches the languid pace of the song and its downtempo flavor infused with jazz and colorful melodies and imbued with a melancholic, reflective mood. The video feels like a journey through the insecurities and distractions that face us as we go through life that can over stimulate our brains and induce us into a state of being caught in an emotional loop of re-litigating parts of our lives hoping to recapture some imagined glory or long lost thrill or love, hanging onto regret like it’s core to our identity when it’s something that serves a purpose for a time before it becomes a liability to our personal development. The song seems to suggest that rather than getting caught in a spiral of finding flaws in our lives and ourselves and in those of others that we can use a period of reflection to become untangled from the murk of exhausted emotions and pass through to what can come next if we’re willing to take the path forward in our hearts even if it’s to a place of uncertainty as embodied in the music video in the night drive into a faintly illuminated darkness in the late night. Tempting to compare this music to the likes of Elder Island since both acts are from Bristol but both have a sultry, soothing energy that makes their music worthy of repeated listen and the music video for “Never Mind” helps to make that a likelihood with this single. Watch for yourself on YouTube and connect with Pocket Sun at the links provided.

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