“Pocari Sweat” is an Imaginative, Culture and Style Jamming Amalgam of Trap, Lo-Fi Glitch and IDM

Still from the video for “Pocari Sweat” by RHYTCH

RHYTCH perfectly blends trap production with lo-fi glitch electronica and IDM on “Pocari Sweat.” In the context of the music video which looks like something that had to have been captured on either a camcorder or early generation phone video the warping rap and heavily processed vocals it feels like you’ve entered the world of a soft drink commercial in slow motion except part of the sampling is to take out the elements in which a product is being sold to you but the lifestyle content is intact. Albeit one that exists in some kind of post-modern, post-current-civilization existence where the art is to unmoor cultural signifiers from their original referents. After all naming your song, as a German artist, after a kind of unusual Japanese soft drink that you can find in vending machines all over Japan and parts of Asia and Australia but usually only at an Asian market elsewhere, is a way of recontextualizing that bit of popular culture. Though production-wise the song is a product of the current musical climate it has much in common with underground electronic music of the late 2000s, The Art of Noise and turn of the century IDM in the creative use of samples as a compositional element to craft accessible yet imaginative music to take you out of everyday life. Watch the video for “Pocari Sweat” on YouTube and connect with RHYTCH through the link tree linked below.