Ryuichi Sakamoto and Illia Bondarenko Combine Violin and Piano for “Piece for Illia” as an Expression of Fragile Hope and Resistance in the Ongoing Crisis in Ukraine

Ryuichi Sakamoto, photo courtesy the artist

Legendary composer Ryuichi Sakamoto sent files back and forth with Ukrainian violnist Illia Bondarenko to produce the song called “Piece for Illia” for the benefit compilation For Ukraine (Volume 2) to help raise funds to support displaced people affected by the crisis in Ukraine ongoing. The composition features a mournful violin prominently carrying the melody as background synths establish a sonic canvas upon which the strings and a spare piano part sketch and embody the sense of loss and hope against hope Bondarenko has helped to evoke in uniting musicians from a bomb shelter in Ukraine. For the project overall Bondarenko has worked not just with local musicians but violinists from around the world and from twenty-nine countries as a display of solidarity and the way music and the arts can provide expressions of resistance and fortitude in a time of struggle. Listen to “Piece for Illia” on Soundcloud and follow Sakamoto on Spotify, both linked below. You can purchase a download of the benefit compilation on Bandcamp also linked below.