Moon Sand Land Dissects the Internalized Cruelty of American Bravado on “High Tops”

Moon Sand Land “High Tops” cover

When you’re an American you are constantly expected to put on a brave face or worse to internalize various flavors of bravado or seem like a failure merely for being human. That sort of toxic psychology explains a lot about the dark fascination with reality TV to see people struggling with that facade and fail completely. It’s like we’re perversely entertained by the spectacle of something we’re all dealing with, if we’re honest with ourselves, every day. Moon Sand Land tackles this subject on its song “High Tops” – the need to pretending we’re happy so we’re not considered crazy or broken. And all the weird behaviors we will engage in not knowing their root like getting our physical imperfections “fixed,” retail therapy, PMA as a form of delusional magic, dreaming of wealth that miraculously falls in our lap thinking it will fix all our problems instead of pursuing something personally meaningful. This song with its fractured melody and sense of anxiety amplified desperation as the lyrics describe how things are in the U.S.A. for everyone from all walks of life is refreshingly honest and accurate in its take. A take that is the opposite of nihilistic, rather, hopeful in the face of incredible odds. Fans of Pavement’s frayed edges and poetic honesty and Parquet Courts’ similarly warped melodies and direct line to what it’s all about will greatly appreciate “High Tops.”