Elskavon’s Tones of Wintry Solace on “North Sole” Are a Meditative Soundtrack for Deep Internal Growth

Elskavon, photo by Justin Blair

Almost impressionistic tones incandesce throughout Elskavon’s “North Sole,” floating in cool drones, textural white noise fluttering like the breath of the musician crafting the track caught incidentally exerting the controls. But then ethereal voices come in with the bright melodic waves of melody. The music video appears to show an aging industrial seaside town and the music matches the slow and organic pace, fading out before a curiously black and white piece of footage of fireworks ends the visual presentation of the song. As ambient as the track is overall the presence of struck bells and other objects gives the song a grounding in the physical world that gives a tangible context to the drift of moods that is what draws you into its contemplative energy suggestive of finding comfort in familiar patterns of life that we take for granted and sometimes come to resent in our pursuit of what we think of as our life’s trajectory only to at some point seek out the experiences that shaped us in ways not so obvious until life experience erodes the filter of ego enough to reconcile the various strands of your lived experience. This song is a soundtrack to that process. Watch the video for “North Sole” on YouTube and follow Elskavon at the links provided. The full album Origins is due out February 17 on Western Vinyl.

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