“Nvr Loved U” by Father Sheed is the Sound of a Breakup Without the Drama

Father Sheed, photo courtesy the artist

“Nvr Loved U” by Father Sheed sounds like something put together inspired by checking your voicemail on an elevator ride up a tall office building and then later a train ride through late night rain, your face illuminated by your mobile device and refractions of light from sources nearby but indistinct. The voice message is of someone breaking up with you as gently as they can without leaving some painful hint that maybe you can patch things up. There’s no easy way to say you’re breaking up with someone but the voice in this song seems to make it not sound cruel. The arc of melody and percussive tones over the steady beat conveys a deep sense of isolation even given being in a big city with thousands if not millions of people. But the paradoxical sense of space and intimacy that this song captures makes that isolation seem almost comfortable. The title of the song suggests a realization either on the part of the woman leaving the message or the person listening to it but it also more than hints that the break is for good without the messiness of one of those dramatic partings that make some people think the relationship must have meant something. This song sounds like a breakup without the drama imbued with a sense of acceptance. Listen to “Nvr Loved U” on Soundcloud and follow Father Sheed on the Spotify account.