The Ragged Nonchalance of Lethe’s “Easy” Shows How You Can Leave a Bad Situation With Your Dignity Intact

Lethe, Control cover (cropped)

The lively and jagged riff that runs through “Easy” by Lethe combined with the distorted vocals, borderline clipping in the mix,conveys perfectly that feeling of being at the end of your tolerance of someone’s nonsense and you’re ready to exit the scene, the relationship, the friendship, the situation entirely while trying to preserve some sense of dignity. The latter represented by the line that closes each set of lyrics “Excuse me while I light a cigarette…” The spare melody might recall to some a kind of lower fi The Strokes but the off the cuff delivery and edge of the song is perhaps more reminiscent of the likes of Nouns-period No Age and Eat Skull circa Sick To Death. This song similarly conveys an attitude that commands acceptance of the raw display of emotional honesty channeled through what might be described as a ragged nonchalance. Whatever the influences and impulses behind the song there’s no denying its wiry hook and rough-edged tunefulness. Listen to “Easy” on Spotify and connect with the Croatian band Lethe at the links provided.