Wombo Indulge in Some Lighthearted Creepy Fun With the Video for “One of These”

The aesthetics and the fonts in Wombo’s music video for “One of These” looks like something from a black metal band. In fact it looks like it was filmed in the basement of an abandoned house like something from a reboot of The Blair Witch Project. But Sydney Chadwick’s vocals, while melancholic, is more like the performance for a wistfully romantic surf rock song while the music itself has a languorous pace with the guitar line stretching and compressing in a spiky, melodic progression over a minimalist beat like something out of the recording sessions for an old Pixies or No Joy record. The eclectic yet coherent style and in the context of the visuals point to a playful and experimental spirit within the songwriting. Watch the video to the end because Wombo breaks character and jokingly scare each other at the end of the video acknowledging this visually fantastic representation of their music is kind of creepy but fun in the absurd way of many horror movies.

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