Holy Fawn’s Remix of Heron’s “Moon Data” Transforms the Tranquility of the Original Into Gritty Cosmic Menace

Heron, photo courtesy the artists

The Holy Fawn remix of Heron’s 2019 song “Moon Data” takes the smooth, unearthly ethereal track and adds some haze and grit. It also turns an organic post-rock style song into something with a more electronic aesthetic, enhancing the synths and adding in a melodic arpeggio all to put some momentum behind the inherently majestic beauty of the original. Holy Fawn colored in some of the spaces without losing a sense of expansive wonder and mystery that Heron crafted. And in the last half Holy Fawn injects a distorted intensity that amplifies the dramatic aspects of the songs beyond the red, feral vocals burning through and buoyed by the pulsing synth before burning out into motes of tone and warping melodies echoing into the cold darkness before fading into abstract sounds. It’s the kind of remix that more or less transforms the work into something with a new resonance rather than enhance and augment what was already in place and in doing so imbues it with a musical life of its own. Listen to the Holy Fawn remix of Heron’s “Moon Data” on YouTube and follow Heron at the links below.

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