Digital Moss Conjures a Vision of Future Urban Decay and the Creative Community That Will Come to Embrace it on “nosa sifu”

Digital Moss, image courtesy of the artist

Digital Moss is the solo project of Evgenii of Russian synth/ambient trio I am waiting for you last summer. For the project’s latest single “nosa sifu” Evgenii makes maximum use of two voices on his modular synth for a rich and stirring sound reminiscent of Sinoia Caves’ work for the soundtrack to Beyond the Black Rainbow. It’s the kind of sound that suggests imagery and recalls the vibe and tone of avant-garde comics like material that would have been published in the magazine Garo in Japan and Italy’s L’Eternauta but perhaps more specifically this music seems to fit the comics and graphic novels that have come out of the Les Humanoïdes Associés (Humanoids in English) imprint. You know, the publisher of Métal Hurlant aka Heavy Metal. This song is so resonant with the style of Cathargo and The Saga of The Meta-Barons (and the work of Juan Giménez, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius generally) that one hopes Digital Moss, Sinoia Caves too (maybe a collaboration) is tapped when someone finally makes a modern movie out of any of that. There is a strong sense of place in some far flung future of abundant urban decay as far as the eye can see upon which one might project one’s imagination and find a space to explore and express the products of that ferment as people have so often done in the past and present in forgotten and neglected parts of big cities around the world. Listen to “nosa sifu” on Soundcloud and follow Digital Moss at the links below.

“Vacuum Weels” by Gaëtan Vigier is the Perfect Music for the Next Grand Theft Auto Game

Gaëtan Vigier aka Chrono Triggers has been producing some lively and gritty electro dance industrial/synthwave music under his real name including the single “Vacuum Weels.” The video with artwork reminiscent of Charles Burns gone more abstract and Métal Hurlant-period Nicole Claveloux (but with art by Clémentine Giraud – any relation to Jean aka Moebius? [she probably gets asked that all the time] – and motion design by Sophie Pastorello) is like an expressionist road adventure video game. The music is also driving, throbbing and imbued with great, headlong momentum and fire. It’s the kind of music with distorted tones and escalating progressions that the bad guys in Mad Max would be listening to if they wanted to chill out some and enjoy life a little.