Mestozi’s “Tilted” is an Introspective Noise Jazz Hip-Hop Meditation on Being Put Off by a Friend

Mestozi, photo courtesy the artist

You buy a reel-to-reel recorder at a garage sale and use it to splice together samples of record white noise and a simple piano melody, reverse delay guitar recorded backward for even trippier effect, analog synth arpeggios gone wrong and spit an introspective set of bars over the top. That’s what it sounds like Mestozi did but obviously the production is more pristine than that but that the songwriter/producer had the imagination to pull so many disparate elements together in this way that sounds like it could be some kind of avant-garde electronics track with elements of abstract jazz is impressive. It, in fact, sounds like the musical equivalent of a pinball machine that has tilted with the attendant more modern meaning of the word applying as well. The lyrics hint at being knocked out whack by the off-putting actions and words of a friend. Fans of Dilla, cLOUDDEAD and Blockhead will appreciate what Mestozi does on “Tilted” and how it pushes notions of what can be done in hip-hop ever so slightly. Listen to “Tilted” on YouTube and follow Mestozi at the links provided.