Magnetic ghost Explores the Foibles of Our Overmediated Age on “Delete”

magnetic ghost, photo courtesy the artist

“Delete” by magnetic ghost is a song about today’s mediated world and how the digital medium has increasingly become integral to the lives of everyone with access to the technology and the internet. Whereas the latter was perhaps initially a way for people to connect with others in a way that helped some of us feel not so alone it these days has been shown to amplify a sense of isolation and self-alienation and some people suggest it is a method of mass behavior modification. The soft swells of drone and melody driven by a gently strummed guitar and nearly falsetto vocals strikes a thoughtful, comforting, tender chord reminiscent of a blend of Radiohead and Legendary Pink Dots. But the song isn’t comforting so much as seeking whether or not all of this relatively new way of being serves us, or we serve it, whether its warping our ability to imagine and thus to understand ourselves and others on a genuine and profound level rather than mistaking an accumulation of mediated presentations and experiences for an identity. Magnetic ghost offers us no answers but asks interesting questions. Listen to “Delete” on Bandcamp and follow magnetic ghost on Spotify as well.