“Like A Daydream” by Trentemøller is a Soothing Shoegaze Passage Into a Nourishing and Healing State of Mind

Trentemøller, photo courtesy the artist

Trentemøller came to prominence as a gifted purveyor of imaginative electronic music but since 2007 he’s been operating with a full band in manifesting his musical vision. The single “Like A Daydream” from the recently released album Memoria (out on the artist’s own label In My Room). The title of the song is exactly the mood and tonal architecture of the song as ethereal guitar both chimes and traces the trajectory of introspective thoughts as they are cast forth from Lisbet Fritze’s sublime vocals. There is a measured dynamic to the song that also allows for the deeply atmospheric guitar and synths to bloom like a rapid sunrise and flooding the soundscape with an uplifting energy that takes one from the melancholic mood that perhaps spawned the song to an emotional space out of the psychological shadows from which personal truths brew before ready to be brought to light and shared despite what some might think of as their imperfection. The image and concept of the daydream works well here because it’s one of the few times in life when you can be conscious and let your imagination and authentic self merge in ways that are nourishing and healing to the mind. Fans of Slowdive and Lush are encouraged to dive deep into the artist’s catalog and Memoria in particular. Watch the gorgeous and evocative music video for “Like A Daydream” on YouTube and follow Trentemøller at the links below.

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Molina’s Ethereal, Windswept, Live Video for “Venus” Highlights the Song’s Otherworldly Beauty

Molina, photo by Sarah Liisborg

Molina recently released the Vanilla Shell EP and the live version of the single “Venus” as captured in the video on YouTube showcases the band in a room draped in white, enshrouded in a light fog as Molina seems to move about this fantastical world in miniature down to the drummer set up in front of a clam shell backdrop as perhaps a nod to Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus.” The fabrics flowing in the wind fits a song in which all the elements seem to be operating to uplift the ethereal melody, Molina’s vocals reminiscent of a cross between Nico and Miki Berenyi of Lush. The guitar is as textural as it is tonal, serving as the connective tissue of the body of the song grounded in bass and percussion and the grand sweep of bright, hazy harmonics. Fans of Tamaryn and the aforementioned Lush or any of that entrancing 4AD dream pop will find a good deal to like with this presentation of the song and Molina’s output generally. Watch the video on YouTube below and follow Molina at the links provided.