Miss Torsion’s Goth Pop Song “Love Parasite” Suggests Giving Up, Giving in and Letting Go of Your Misplaced Inhibitions

Miss Torsion, photo by slayline phototropic

Miss Torsion’s video for “Love Parasite” has a style like something from the 80s with the mix of archival film, live footage of animals and musical performance. But this collage of aesthetics suits the spooky vibe of the song in the beginning and its lightly distorted guitar leads and finely cadenced rhythms. It’s reminiscent of Rose McDowall’s solo records where there is a patina of darkness mixed in with upbeat yet moody pop melodies. The metaphor of love as a parasite that gets into your psyche like a disease and takes over is an apt description of how it can feel out of your control and like something that you can try to fight off but the Miss Torsion song suggests that maybe you can’t and shouldn’t and set aside your ego and “give up, give in, let go.” Miss Torsion aka Mirjam Götschy was the guitarist of her former band Cell Division but her work for Miss Torsion so far seems a touch more playful if her imaginative guitar work remains a feature of her new work. Watch the video for “Love Parasite” on YouTube and connect with Miss Torsion at the links below.

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