Lochie Earl’s “Superyacht Party” Is a Gloriously Self-Aware Pop Song About Income Inequality and Social Injustice

Lochie Earl “Superyacht Party” cover (cropped)

“Superyacht Party” is a bit of a different flavor for multi-instrumentalist, producer and drummer for Gypsys of Pangea, Lochie Earl. It was inspired by his having taken an Uber home one day with a Pakistani driver who had an engineering degree that wasn’t considered valid in Australia so he worked in retail and drove Uber with the rest of his time so that he could bring his family over to Turtle Island and hopefully a better life. The song starts out like an odd but evocative 80s lounge pop song written after having your mind blown by a bummer story, as it happens to be, and your mind aswirl with the hard realities so many people face and the opportunities they never have due to class and legal status. They have to take jobs that more privileged people would never countenance, deal with horrible work situations that make one think things like the Simpsons quip where Homer once said, “Kill my boss? Do I dare live out the American dream?” and otherwise settle for extremely diminished expectations. While some get to go to those superyacht parties of the song title and worry about things like Tinder matches. From the initial lounge sound the song kicks up in sound and dynamics like the end of The Beatles’ “A Day in the Life” before Lochie offers the line about Tinder matches as if throwing out such a trivial concern when compared with hustling and grinding away in a society that generally treats you like trash. Not only does Earl address the immigrant situation but also the lingering injustices suffered by Australia’s Aborigines population. It is a rare sensitive take on a sensitive subject and a great pop song to boot. Listen for yourself on Soundcloud.

Lochie Earl Reminds Us to Find a Grounding Humor in the Unpleasant Manifestations of Our Personalities on “Laugh@urseLF”

Lochie Earl, photo courtesy the artist

The title of Lochie Earl’s new single “Laugh@urseLF” should be an obvious clue that there is an element of humor involved in the songwriting. But that humor is pointed inward as a reminder to not be an insufferable jerk. Also, to remember that no matter how seriously you may take yourself that won’t change your condition or your personality and that in the end you can’t escape yourself and you may as well accept yourself as you are and have a laugh once in awhile at how your personality can have unpleasant manifestations that you can either find humor in to diminish their power or double down on your ridiculous moments. Musically it’s a dynamic and varied song that begins with a piano figure and rapid fire lyrics that reflect the rush of thoughts and emotion. The piano melody is reminiscent of Blue Oyster Cult’s 1974 song “Astronomy” and that gives it a haunted quality suggestive of maybe being stuck in your own head with the drama around you maybe in no small part existing as a figment of your imagination. Listen to “Laugh@urseLF” on YouTube and follow Lochie Earl on the  Gypsys of Pangea Febook page.