Take in the Splintery, Psychedelic Charm of Drug Couple’s “Be In 2”

Drug Couple, photo courtesy the artists

Drug Couple makes no bones about its being influenced by Yo La Tengo and Dinosaur Jr and indeed the splintery guitar work on its new single “Be In 2” bears that out as it stretches the song’s motorik beat out some. As do the the way the vocalists diverge and take on complimentary yet disparate roles in the mix. Becca carries the melody in the more traditional manner, Miles’ more like sing-talking but both styles together give an added dimension to a song that is wonderfully fuzzy around the edges and feeling like it could come apart at any moment from the musicians not trying so hard to reign in its seemingly divergent collection of sounds. Too much music now is trying to be too clean and overproduced in unimaginative ways. Drug Couple makes a virtue of its rough edges by crafting a song that invites you in for a ride through a soundscape where you can be yourself because it is itself unburdened by the usual conventions of how music is “supposed” to work in 2019 but the real trick now is that music and art that would be difficult to imitate by virtue of a unique creative vision is far more compelling than a tired, imitative songwriting style or played out production technique. Listen to “Be In 2” on Soundcloud, follow Drug Couple at the links below and check out the duo’s 2019 EP Little Hits on its Bandcamp page.