“Light In Your Window” is Esmé Patterson’s New Dream Pop Track About Being Kind To Yourself When You’re Still Working Old Habits Out of Your Heart

Esmé Patterson, “Light In Your Window” cover (cropped)

“Light In Your Window” is the first single in a new chapter in the career of Esmé Patterson. While Patterson has made solid moves away from the type of folk and more traditional pop music that characterized the early part of her career as a member of Paper Bird with every one of her solo albums, this new single in the wake of her signing to BMG finds the songwriter exploring a new sonic palette as a vehicle for her characteristically nuanced and thoughtful lyrics. This time the sounds are more electronic, synth and keyboard driven, and recorded in a garage with Patterson’s friends in the pop band Tennis. It’s a song about the bad habits we find ourselves repeating based on past patterns that served us well but rather than necessarily casting these habits as bad, the song demonstrates some compassion for our past selves as a foundation for moving to where we want and need to be. “I can’t wait until it fades” is the telling line as an acknowledgment of how some ways become so ingrained in us it will take more time than we can predict for those modes of feeling and behaving to work their way out of us and while we really want to have moved on it’s okay to be patient with the way the human heart and mind work with the connections we have and have had with the people we love and loved. Listen to/watch the video for “Light In Your Window” on YouTube and look for the follow up to Patterson’s excellent 2016 album We Were Wild in 2020.