Margot Polo’s “Let’s Get Out” is a Celebration of the Mythical Endless Summer of Our Youths

Margot Polo, photo courtesy the artist

“Let’s Get Out” on the surface level is a summer love chillwave anthem. The ascending, bright melodies and expansive vocals and the kind of rhythm that sounds like you’re gearing yourself up to be motivated to make it a great summer or at this late stage in the season one last hurrah before the weather begins its descent into colder temperatures. It’s a celebration of long nights indulging hedonistic fun. But David Provenzano, whose solo project Margot Polo happens to be, gives us details about the experiences he relates outside the choruses that give the song some concretizing vividness including some inside jokes for those in the know as with the line “Have you ever felt like you’ve come undone, like you want to go west on Highway 1” to indicate that you want to do something reckless since Highyway 1 runs north and south. References to the moon on the ocean and being shown the constellations on someone’s phone and other refinements makes the song a kind of fantasy about getting away from the humdrum of the everyday which is perfectly safe in the daydream world of a song and Margot Polo (points for an inspired project name) invites us to take that mythical road trip in our minds for a few moments to transport us to a place where summer never ends and it’s a time when some, if not most of us, can remember a time when we were free to do as we will for what seemed like forever. Listen to “Let’s Get Out” on Soundcloud and follow Margot Polo at the links below. Look for Margot Polo’s debut, 5-song EP out in the fall.