The Beautiful and Raw Mutant Pop of Magic Bronson’s “Tell All Your Friends” Exalts the Power of Friendship in Troubled Times

Magic Bronson, photo courtesy the artists

Magic Bronson employed a dazzling sonic palette in crafting “Tell All Your Friends.” It’s essentially a pop song celebrating the solidarity and support of friendship in a time of deep uncertainty and challenges. It has an undeniably exuberant and uplifting quality that draws you into its unconventional rhythms and production. Employing live guitar like samples, rapid warbling synth swells and dance beats, it’s at times reminiscent of a mix of 90s Len and New Zealand indie rock bands whose music always seems to come from a unique and eccentric place. A fusion of hip-hop production, rock and raw psychedelia without seeming like it’s trying to be something for everyone or putting too many musical ingredients into the same song. Fans of Unknown Mortal Orchestra will appreciate the wonderfully odd tonal inflections that run through the song and fans of Japandroids may enjoy the paradoxical mélange of disarmingly earnest melodies and raw energy present here too. Listen to “Tell All Your Friends” on Soundcloud and connect with Magic Bronson at the links provided.