The Lates Laces Single “moved” Sweeps You Up in its Moody Wave of Emotion

LACES, photo courtesy the artist

When she was a teenager Jessica Vaughn caught the attention of a mainstream public as Charlotte Sometimes before retiring the name in favor of a new project moniker LACES in 2014. Her latest single “moved” is a dusky pop song about the complex nature of love driven by Vaughn’s smoldering, passionate vocals reminiscent at times of Martha Davis of The Motels. Vaughn is adept at giving voice to self doubt and doubts about the motivation of the loved one and how undeniable feelings of deep affection and love and connection can sweep aside the way we intellectualize and dissect our relationships often to their detriment. There is an enthralling depth of emotion that runs through the song that carries the listener away as well. The slow wave of feeling and the refreshingly real and poetic lyrics re-establish LACES as a pop project that spares us platitudes and delivers more than a few moments of beautifully expressed honesty. Listen below and follow LACES at the links following.