KOKA Invites You to Discover Your Mythical Inner Life on “Falling Star”

KOKA, photo courtesy the artist

The spare piano figure that leads us into KOKA’s new single “Falling Star” is a taste of a song that sounds like a music theater piece in miniature. But a theatrical production about a futuristic pop star who was shown the ropes of the music industry but her imagination and personal ambition took her to where she wanted to be rather than where other people might have set their sights for her potential. The use of space in the song and the way KOKA has structured how it unfolds and reveals its various flavors and moods is orchestral in scope and thus reminiscent of The Sensual World-period Kate Bush especially in the expressive ways KOKA’s vocals execute to great dramatic effect. It also brings to mind the later era Tori Amos whose own knack for deeply personal yet theatrical songwriting hits you like a glimpse into a more mythical personal experience that can’t help but feel like a brush with the possibilities of life we can often ignore in our own psyche. Listen to “Falling Star” on Spotify and follow KOKA at the links provided.

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Possimiste Bridges the Quantum Gap to Sing a Love Ode to Her Alternate Self on “Unseeable”

Possimiste, image courtesy the artist

“Unseeable” by Possimiste strikes one as a beautiful synthesis of The Space Lady and Kate Bush. It’s pop music but one from some alien civilization that isn’t inundated with bad examples of how it should sound. The glockenspiel, twinkling synth swirls and Possimiste’s unique vocals straight out of the realm of Lord Dunsany’s The King of Elfland’s Daughter. In its lyrics it’s like an ode to a twin from another quantum reality connected by a kind of magic mirror or psychological technology that bridges the cosmic chasm. Somehow Possimiste combines tones wistful and bittersweet in equal measure making for an enchanting listen that promises more strangeness ahead for this Estonian songwriter. Listen on Soundcloud and follow Possimiste at the links below.