Serge Bulat Creates a Sense of Mystical Space on his Otherworldly “Kalah Seanse”

Serge Bulat, photo courtesy the artist

Serge Bulat is a Moldovan electronic music artist who immigrated to the USA in 2009 in search of greener pastures for a career in music. His new single “Kalah Seanse” is based on the Argentinian copla “Ya Viene la Triste Noche (Vidala, Catamarca).” The song is an instrumental centered on a piano figure that evolves subtly as the song goes on with motes of synth tone that issue forth in the tonal breeze created by the piano line and all seem to move through what sounds like a large, luminous cavern embodied in your ear by low end and higher pitched drones and echoing electronic percussion. Sounds float away and flicker out and white noise hits the field of sound like rain, intermittent and ambient to the point of being nearly hypnotic itself. It’s like a miniature journey through a mystical space that seems like the memory of a walk you took in a dream to a place of great significance and tranquility. The Kalah Folklore EP will be out in 2020 but for now you can listen to its title track on Spotify and play Wurroom, a video game of an interactive art experience based on Bulat’s musical universe, developed with Michael Rfdshir. Follow Bulat at the links provided.