Julia And The Basement Tapes Will Put You In a Contemplative Mood With The Bluesy and Arresting “Something More”

Julia And The Basement Tapes, photo courtesy the artists

Julia And The Basement Tapes employ some evocatively melancholic chords throughout its “Something More” single. It is reminiscent at times of Zeppelin’s “Thank You” and, curiously, Duran Duran’s “Ordinary World.” The shimmer around the gentle guitar work and the warm vocals, the piano accents and the tasteful pedal steel flourishes gives the track an expansive lushness and grace it’s easy to forget it’s firmly rooted in blues music. When the guitar takes a lead toward the end of the song it feels more like the climax of the piece and not merely an excuse to show off chops. And that’s it, all elements of this song showcase a band that writes to further the song and its impact rather than a display of individual ego. It’s an affecting song that puts you in a contemplative mood. Listen to “Something More” on Spotify and follow Julia And The Basement Tapes at the links below. Apparently “Something More” is the lead single on the group’s forthcoming album due out later in the year.