Toronto Shoegazers Away Forward Perfectly Meld Deft Songwriting With Expert Soundscaping on the Transporting “Written Answers”

Away Forward, photo courtesy the artists

“Written Answers” finds Toronto’s Away Forward channeling a bit of C86, chime-y guitar tunefulness, the intricate, interlocking simple guitar work one hears in 90s shoegaze rock and the dusky nostalgic tones of Julee Cruise. The way the song turns on beautifully executed minor chord progressions and then blossoms into transporting melodies is especially evocative. The band doesn’t find a groove and ride it into affinity. No, its songwriting and gift for dynamic shifts and the emotional impact of not filling in all available space with all sounds in its sonic palette gives the song with a familiar feel and comforting swirls of atmosphere a repeated lisenability. In that way it’s reminiscent of early material from The Sundays but brimming with Slowdive’s penchant for drawing you into a mood of deep introspection and reverie only possible when a band is able to perfectly meld deft songwriting with expert soundscaping. Listen to “Written Answers” on Soundcloud, connect with Away Forward at the links provided and give a listen to the group’s 2020 album Catching The Sun on the project’s Bandcamp page.