The Math Rock Dream Pop of “BONES” by Cyrus R.O. Reflects the Complex Nuances of a Character Struggling With Gender Identity

Cyrus R.O. “BONES” cover

The intricate rhythms, textures and layers of sound on “BONES” by Cyrus R.O. is a beautiful collage of musical ideas to match the subject of the song. The lyrics deal with a character struggling with gender identity. So the gritty, dramatic guitar flaring over dreamy, distorted synths and textural percussion give a solid and simple melody a lot of character and nuance much as that struggle would take on. The confusion but sense of things being deeply off in how you have to navigate the world, the undercurrent of anguish that sometimes escalates to emotional spikes. It’s a little like a math rock song mixed seamlessly with a dream pop soundscape. The line “Someday she’d like to peel the skin off her face” you expect to hear in music that is more overtly intense and edgy but here it stands out precisely because the music gives expression to those emotions in a more creative way through mixed dynamics and hybrid styles. Fans of Broken Spindles, the experimental electronic pop band of former The Faint bassist/producer Joel Peterson will appreciate the artistry of this track in its ability to use complexity of composition to express raw emotion. Watch the music video for “BONES” on YouTube, connect with Cyrus R.O. on the website linked below and look out for the project’s debut full length DECONVOLUTION due out June 12, 2020.