Sal Dulu’s “Duluoz Dream” is a Hazy Collage of Emotions Set to Downtempo IDM Jazz

Salu Dulu “Duluoz Dream” cover (cropped)

The Japanese dialogue as if from a movie heard from another room and the horn that brings you into “Duluoz Dream” by Sal Dulu suggests a sort of layers of memory. When the piano comes in and the voice calls out a name is it Jack? As in Jack Duluoz, the name Jack Kerouac gave himself as he wrote about himself in his book Visions of Cody? The sound of tape rewinding and playing back, piano chords echoing, IDM-esque percussion tapping out a beat that carries the time forward while the other elements occupy divergent frames of temporal reference. The late night, downtempo jazz aesthetic of the song blurs the line between the Kerouac references and Deckard’s “Unicorn Dream” from the director’s cut of Blade Runner. The song taps into how the mind can make those connections almost intuitively so that they may heighten the meaning of each while expressing a real moment contemplating a fond memory, a heightened and even fantastical reality preferable to the one you exist in now as your mind reflects to the past or projects into an alternate present or a future that may never be. It is an emotional collage crafted as a song. Listen to “Duluoz Dream” on Soundcloud and follow Sal Dulu at the links below.