HEARTATTRACKS Captures a Zen State of Hyper Awareness on “Isolated Arrest”

HEARTATTRACKS, photo courtesy the artist

“Isolated Arrest” by multimedia artist HEARTATTRACKS (with guest vocals from Kim Little aka Hnymlk) folds together some hip-hop production with glitchy IDM and ambient music. The vocals center the tonal flow of the song when they come in like a vortex of illumination. The effect is a bit like what might have happened had William Orbit and Future Sound of London come up after the advent of trap beats. The song conveys a sense of the exotic and the alien while also establishing a calming influence with its high pitched background arpeggio and softened, accenting percussion. The song evokes images of the dreams of a calm jungle in the morning with the myriad of stimuli washing gently over you that will recede into the ambient soundscape once your conscious mind fully takes hold. It is a soundtrack to hyper awareness without being overwhelmed by what you perceive. Listen to “Isolated Arrest” on Spotify and connect with HEARTTRACKS at the links below.