Sinnet Helps Us to Welcome the Love and Good Things in Our Lives in “Embracing That Dad Rock Vibe (part 2)”

Sinnet, image from artist’s Bandcamp page

Aaron Spransy has spent more than a decade crafting charming pop songs with a variety of collaborators. Think in that Spoon-esque vein with some power pop and psychedelic touchstones. His new Sinnet album Island Town is a bit different and its closing track “Embracing That Dad Rock Vibe (part 2)” embodies that shift in songwriting style and attitude. The title of the song suggests coming to terms with not being in one’s 20s anymore and shock of all shocks being in a stable and healthy relationship that allows for some ability to relax and feel comfortable in a way that seems so antithetical to the cliché of rock music and art in general but need not be. Someone of a more wiseacre-ly inclined might listen to this album and say, “more like ‘Embracing that yacht rock vibe’” because the jazz-inflected guitar hooks and laid back vocal delivery as though waking up from a restful sleep ready to take on the world in a mellow way really is a feature of the music. But There is something undeniably charming and very real about someone writing a song that isn’t about adolescent angst for the umpteenth time in a decade or multiple-decade long career and saying something romantic and not cheesy about their relationship, which Spransy has done on this song. Whimsical, self-deprecating title aside, it’s a song about accepting and acknowledging love of self and the love in your life and not just being okay with it but yes, embracing these positive aspects to your human existence. The touches of Teenage Fanclub in the choruses lend some grit to an otherwise soft pop rock gem. Listen to “Embracing That Dad Rock Vibe (part 2)” on Bandcamp and connect with Sinnet at the links provided.

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