Sonomancer Conjures the Ghosts of Modern Techno-Anxiety in the Beautifully Disturbing Video for “Digital Graves”

Sonomancer’s video for “Digital Graves” is strongly reminiscent of a Junji Ito manga if he and Inio Asano collaborated on a science fiction horror story about deep regret and the way the digital aspect of human relationships were the vector of cosmic horror. Like a generative disillusion and self-and-mutual alienation reflected in the song with its slow moving synth swells like a warning siren and ambient distorted electronic sounds and cycling sounds that are inescapable and crawling from all sides as a reminder that you’re never alone and always connected in this artificial way. Martha Goddard’s vocals are the beacon of humanity in the song expressing the regrets and misgivings of the specific ways we store our memories digitally through photos and videos or means of staying in contact and how what in another era might have been private is often exposed to too many people and which can be lost when technology glitches, fails or is discontinued in general. The song builds into a gentle and subtle industrial techno track with organic percussive textures that seem to compliment perfectly the shifting and disturbingly beautiful imagery of the video. It is indeed a track for our current era with the aesthetics to match. Watch the video for “Digital Graves” on YouTube and follow Sonomancer at the links below.

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Rinkaku Encourages Finding Inspiration in the Throes of Your Darkest Times on Glitchy Darkwave Song “Retaliation”

Rinkaku, photo courtesy the artist

Rinkaku’s “Retaliation”single has a dusky and enigmatic quality with deep vocals reminiscent of a Japanese language TR/ST or John Maus. Its lo-fi electronic production sounds like something from the soundtrack to a Yoshiaki Kawajiri film with the edgy vibe like you’d expect when someone makes a movie out of one of Inio Asano’s darker manga. Rinkaku aka Yoshitaka Delahaije started out making trance before moving on to a wider range of soundscaping and “Retaliation” reflects an amalgamation of ambient, darkwave, trap, noise, glitch and, yes, trance. This eclectic aesthetic gives the song a quality that may seem brooding and menacing on one level but in the end about the affirmation of life and what makes it worth living even in the bleakest of times in one’s own life and in the world generally. Perfect for the crisis-wracked world in which we now find ourselves. Listen to “Retaliation” on Soundcloud and connect with Rinkaku at the links below.