Plume Varia’s Lush and Elegant “Hold On To Me” is an Intimate Emotional Oasis in a Time of Crisis

Plume Varia, image courtesy the artists

Plume Varia moved away from Denver, Colorado to Placitas, New Mexico right around the same week the lockdowns for the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic were going into effect. The move reinforced a sense of isolation from friends and family that was already going to happen with the planned move. The dream pop duo’s new single “Hold On To Me” with its visually striking music video evokes the uncertainty, desperation and imposed sense of not just isolation but a mindset of reflecting and meditating upon the things you appreciate that you took for granted. Whether that’s moving from a city that had rapidly become expensive and crowded to a smaller town where you can still earn your living working remotely while still having relatively easy access to cultural centers only to not have that as an easy option going into an indefinite future or feeling a deep sense of dislocation for not being able to fully settle into your new home physically and psychologically, Plume Varia’s signature downtempo, chill, sultry songwriting style is a perfect vehicle for exploring that emotional landscape with an engagingly intimate portrayal of the sense of stasis, repetition and yearning for the world to make sense again by discovering ways of not getting lost along the way to what comes next for one’s life, one’s society and perhaps human civilization itself. The jury’s still out on the future of the human race. But to the band’s credit the song works for any time when life seems to be spiraling out of control. Watch the video for “Hold On To Me” on YouTube and follow Plume Varia at the links provided.