Hello Meteor Brings Out the Soulfulness and Fluid Low End of MOLTENO’s Downtempo Environmental Justice Song “Dakota”

MOLTENO, photo by 10K Mega

The Night Water Mix done by Hello Meteor on MOLTENO’s “Dakota” is so immersive you feel like you’ve walked directly into a dream. The low end gently guides you along like you’re floating through MOLTENO’s narrative about the folly of humanity, or at least corporations and capital generally, in thinking it can control and own any natural resource or land in a larger sense. “Dakota” is an obvious reference to the pipeline and how it was built through native land as if it would have no consequences to the world around or the people who live there. The same mentality applies to so much of how our Western civilization conceives of the natural world and each other. In this song MOLTENO more than suggests the foolishness of the mindset that thinks disasters, natural or otherwise, can be dealt with through a simple transactional process with human currency. Hello Meteor enhanced the lush atmospherics of the original, gave the vocals a more soulful flavor and bathed the track in fluid low end for an entrancing version of the song that sticks with you. Listen to the remix on Spotify and follow MOLTENO at any of the links provided.