Gomddam Memory Fuse Industrial and Psychedelia to Ward Off the Mass Narrative Brainwash on “Pandora’s Omelette”

The enigmatic title of “Pandora’s Omelette” is as mysterious as Gomddam Memory’s music itself. Are the clear vocals and the more distorted vocals both by næringssorg? Is one of them producer ade? It hardly matters as the song strikes a balance between darkly ambient psychedelia reminiscent of an unlikely blend of Legendary Pink Dots and early industrial ministry. The song draws us in with pulses of modulated bass tone as one vocal repeats “crack” and the other “don’t mind” and going on to say “the voices.” Perhaps the song is a creative and poetic exploration of the idea of the conflicting narratives, conscious and those embedded into one’s world view and cognitive framework, that swirl in our minds as influenced by the events around us and our interpretations thereof and those interpretations pushed upon us by family, friends, mass media and what we opt for in our leisure time entertainment. The blend of psychedelia and industrial music is reminiscent at times of the Love and Rockets song “Haunted When The Minutes Drag” and even more of that group’s rock and electronica fusion landmark Hot Trip to Heaven (1994) and the ways in which Love and Rockets mixed the personal with the societal with the more mythical (Gomddam Memory certain invokes the mythical and the mystical and humorous in the song title). Stamping the song with a specific genre or style tag wouldn’t be adequate but fans of the aforementioned with find something to appreciate about this fascinatingly strange track as will people who appreciate the newer darkwave that can see beyond the sometimes narrow framing. Watch the visualizer video for “Pandora’s Omelette” on YouTube and connect with Gomddam Memory at the links provided.

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