Haneke Twins Bring a Broad and Powerful Tonal Range to its Urgent and Harrowing Classic Post-Punk Sound on “Deep”

Haneke Twins, photo courtesy the artists

Swiss post-punk band Haneke Twins may channel or tap into some obvious musical reference points on its new single “Deep,” like Paul Banks’ rich baritone in the vocals and the driving, melodic bass line that is the hallmark of any post-punk worth listening to. The drumming, though, pushes the headlong urgency of the song and accenting the momentum of the beat with splashes of cymbal like heavy rains. The guitars are cutting and seething like the high end got the boost. This mix of sound allows for the bass, vocals and guitar to occupy distinct frequency ranges giving the track some subtle power. “Deep” may sound like it could have come out in post death rock 1983 but the way the band has arranged where the sounds lie speaks to a knowledge of modern production techniques and the influence of newer music and thus it never really sounds like Haneke Twins are trying out a style du jour. Also, compliments on the name referencing controversial filmmaker Michael Haneke. Listen to “Deep” on YouTube and follow Haneke Twins at the links below.