Richard Swingle Brings Fire Down on Local Greed and Corruption on the Passionate “Gravy Train”

Richard Swingle, photo courtesy the artist

Richard Swingle’s “Gravy Train” single from his new EP Older Bones starts off sounding like a typical Americana blues track with the shuffling percussion and borderline bluegrass if not for the slide guitar putting some atmospheric touches at the edges. As the song progresses the vocals become more intense and the guitar work and rhythm unfurl in bursts of emotion. The raw quality of the song at that point is reminiscent of Sixteen Horsepower and the way that band held the fire in check until it was time to let it out. Thematically the song is a pointed critique of greed and the assumption of dignity and respect one has when moneyed even when that wealth is at the expense of those that helped create it. Swingle punctures that bubble with some choice rhetoric delivered with passion. Listen to the song on Soundcloud and follow Swingle at the links below.