A Sprawling Epic of Soundscapes and Dynamics, Carlo Peluso’s “Earthshape” is Like an Homage to Classic Progressive Rock and Jazz Fusion

Normally older tracks don’t get written up through Queen City Sounds and Art but when Carlo Peluso’s “Earthshape” from his 2015 EP EarthShape was submitted to us through Submithub, the rare exception was made. It sounds like Peluso listened to “And You And I” by Yes several dozen times and absorbed the tonality and structure of the song and its exquisite sonic details. Then wrote a kind of homage to how that song made him feel but did it in his own musical vocabulary that includes un-processed piano alongside electronics and synth and across the song’s 18 minutes 36 seconds takes us through the sonic equivalent of jazz ballrooms that Emerson, Lake & Palmer would have hung out with Mahavishnu Orchestra circa the writing of Tarkus. The intertwining arpeggios between Peluso on Keyboards, Giovanni Peluso on guitars and Marco Fabricci on bass is impressive and inventive, expressive and diverse across the entire song as though the trio is trying to evoke what it might be like to cross time zones, landscapes and cultures on a truly global world tour. Certainly the song is ambitious in its composition and perhaps aspirational in terms of where the band would want to take their music. Its scope is panoramic and while the chops of the players is evident like the work of many of the progressive rock bands of the 60s and 70s the aim is to express creative ideas using a broad palette of sound and dynamics in the maximalist way that has kept a good slice of that music interesting decades later. Follow Carlo Peluso at the links below.