Kamil Kula and Wiesław Miernik Miernik Team Up For Hypnotic Tribal Industrial Sutra Track “Pieśń Wielkiej Pieczęci”

Kamil Kukla and Wiesław Miernik teamed up for a unique amalgam of their creative work with “Pieśń Wielkiej Pieczęci.” Wiesław Miernik is an outsider music representative from Suchedniow in Poland and he wrote words to Kukla’s song “Kto Umarl” from his latest album Gehenna. Though the song is in Polish and about Buddhism it is the mix of almost chanted poetry and tribal-industrial music that conveys a meaning that transcends specific context. The organic percussion and electronic beats with Miernik seeming to utter a kind of sutra brings together ancient ideas and contexts with modern avant-garde music in a way that few other artists synthesize so well. Maybe Einstürzende Neubauten and SWANS and other artists whose sonic palette embraces sounds outside strict genres and timeframes and even invents a few to create the proper emotional resonance. Listen to “Pieśń Wielkiej Pieczęci” on Soundcloud and connect with Kamil Kula at the links provided.