Deoraí Paints a Believably Dystopian Digital Future For Humanity on Retro Disco Synth Pop Song “Digiteach”

Deoraí “Digiteach” cover (cropped)

“Digiteach” by Deoraí is what might be called a science fiction song sung in Irish Gaelic. The Kenneth Okiria video treatment brings to even more vibrant life a song that sounds like it came from the same otherworldly futuristic disco universe as Air with the beautifully hazy tones and playful synth arpeggios. Tonally it suggests soft lighting and bright colors that draw you in and transport you into its story about a woman meeting a man from 50 to 100 years in the future and trying to convince her and current humanity to hold on to what it is that makes us uniquely human as possible before we get transitioned into a digital existence. With so many of our creative products and ways of expressing ourselves are being channeled onto platforms wholly owned by private corporations really answerable to no one but a user agreement that can change whenever the corporation sees fit to do so this dire warning seems, as with almost all science fiction, a poignant commentary on the present. Will we in some way be shuffled off to some subscription service ourselves and then discontinued if the logical conclusion of this trend continues? Who can say but the images of numbers, pixels and scenes from a fully, digitally integrated future that are the main part of the video are both seductive and horrifying as embodied in the facial expressions of the main characters. Surreal and scary with a chill soundtrack is a nice contrast and science fiction author Robert Sheckley, author of Immortality, Inc., would be proud. Watch the video for “Digiteach” on YouTube and connect with Deoraí at the links below.