Hannah Connelly’s Heartbreaking New Single “From Where You Are” Is a Poignant Journey From Denial to Acceptance of the Passing of a Loved One

Hannah Connolly “From Where You Are,” image courtesy the artist

Textural guitar strumming and ghosts of pedal steel frame Hannah Connolly’s finely expressive vocals on the tender, gentle yet heartbreaking new single “From Where You Are” The song is about the loss of her brother and her words tell of the confusion and simple denial of the truth before her. The wishful thinking in the way many of us need as a cushion between our psyches and the death of a loved one with the necessary self-deceptions and refusal to believe as expressed in the line “Maybe when I wake, this will all be over.” But even when you know how many of us find the truth unacceptable until it is impossible to believe otherwise. Connolly relates taking the flight to the services and describes well those emotions mixing in our heads whether we fly out or travel across town, “Window seat 10,000 stories high and I’m too tired to hide the tears in my eyes.” The reality is starting to hit and still Connelly sings “Doesn’t quite feel real, maybe I’m just dreaming but I’m not asleep.” But in the end it is cruel to ourselves and others to deny the passing of our loved ones because it puts off feeling that deep hurt that may strike us at times for the rest of our lives and in accepting the mortality of those closest to us, Connolly gives us a poignant image of how much the acceptance can pain us as well when she sings “Useless wishes falling through the dark.” In the end the elegant and luminous treatment of the subject hints that even if we take the hurt of the loss inside and feel it so poignantly there is a hope of processing the grief even if we will miss that person forever. Listen to “From Where You Are” on Soundcloud and look out for Connolly’s debut album due for release in late 2019.