Final Days Society’s “ASKA” is a Post-Rock Personal Epic of Transcendence and Catharsis Attained

Final Days Society, photo courtesy the artists

Final Days Society’s “ASKA” begins with a majestic soundscape saturated with exalted guitar that transitions to a more spacious and introspective passage. In that more quiet space the vocals come in to intone about a desire for transcendence. It manages to evoke a sense of the epic and mythological without pretentiousness. The guitars incandesce and swirl together to create a tonal wind of great momentum a bracing emotional sweep. Once the song engages again into the heights of sound and dynamism we’re given a surprise outro as the song comes to rest in a hushed calm of fading drones and distorted white noise like some great struggle has ended and either the aforementioned transcendence was achieved or some other resolution to put the colossus of sound just witnessed to rest, like a personal catharsis attained. Listen to “ASKA” on Spotify, follow Final Days Society at the links below and look for the band’s new, fourth album, Firestarter, out April 10.