Guidon Bear’s “Magellanic Cloud” is About Transcending One’s Sense of Existential Claustrophobia

Guidon Bear, photo courtesy the artists

The vulnerability and heart you hear in “Magellanic Cloud” by Guidon Bear engages you immediately. Plaintive vocals accented by luminous Fender Rhodes and dynamically expressive drums tell the story of feeling emotionally crowded or smothered by your surroundings when you desperately need a place where you can have a space to yourself to decompress and process. Cleverly titled after the dwarf galaxies that orbit the Milky Way the song speaks metaphorically to small town life and the social dynamics thereof, the power of gossip and how in some locales it can seem like the whole universe since it’s so near at hand and significant in your existence. But, really, it’s a small part of a large galactic cluster in a whole universe. It’s a melancholic song about keeping perspective without any heavy handed sentiments and condescension. The band consists of Mary Water of Little Red Car Wreck, drummer and multi-instrumentalist Pat Maley of Lois and Courtney Love (the band also including Lois Maffeo) and synth-player E. Michael Bradley. All names that may not come readily to mind to everyone but certainly significant artists out of the American Pacific Northwest who have been honing their pop songcraft in unconventional ways for years. Recently the group released its full-length Downwardly Mobile: Steel Accelerator (on Antiquated Future Records), an album full of thoughtful, emotionally vibrant and warm indie pop for fans of Rainer Maria, Danielson and Mirah. Listen below and explore further the wonderful world of Guidon Bear at the links provided.