Young Prisms’ “Honeydew” is a Bittersweet Shoegaze Ballad of Conflicted Love

Young Prisms channel a great deal of The La’s 1990 hit “There She Goes” on the song “Honeydew” in its romantic whimsy, loose yet focused rhythmic structure and irresistible melody. But Young Prisms’ imbue their song with gloriously incandescent guitar swirl that gives the sentiments a dusky haze suggesting a sense of dreamlike nostalgia to match the black and white, hyper realistic imagery of the music video of a woman walking, dancing down darkened streets and parking lots toward her car where…there’s a body in the trunk and instantly casting a different emotional flavor to the song and lines like “I believe in you, Honeydew.” Here you are thinking maybe this song reminds you of the hazy melodies and oh-so poignant vocals you love in music by Black Tambourine and Drop Nineteens and things take a turn for the darker. Perhaps there was a perversely humorous intention behind this video treatment but it also points toward the cinematic quality of Young Prisms’ music and the ways some filmmakers expert in musical placement will use a gorgeous song in contrast to some of the bleakest moments in the film or a precursor thereof. All soundtrack free associations aside, “Honeydew” is a bittersweet song of conflicted love. You can watch the video on YouTube and the song also appears on the album Drifter out digitally March 25, 2022, on vinyl July 1, 2022 on Fire Talk. Follow Young Prisms at the links provided.

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