Last Wars’ Synthwave Post-Punk Song “Pale Fire” is a Musical Avatar of Weathering Despair in the Face of Impending Global Disaster

With “Pale Fire” Last Wars seem to be tapping into some of that dark, moody vibe of A Place to Bury Strangers by way of synthwave inspired by Trans Am and Holy Fuck. The driving, distorted synth line and shuffling percussion that pushes the song at a headlong pace with whispery vocals painting for us an imagery of a decaying and fragmenting civilization and its impacts for one’s own life and psyche, not some abstract political commentary. When the guitar comes in it casts tonal fire against the dusky and fuzzy drone wall of electronic sounds like Bernard Sumner putting in some choice licks on a long lost Giorgio Moroder song for a soundtrack for an abandoned movie version of a William Gibson story. It’s a fierce yet fragile song that seems to draw out an accurate depiction of the fraught times we face when shit is getting real, Don’t Look Up is only satire because a comet isn’t coming to destroy us all but climate change is, and panicked nihilism is just not an option. Listen to “Pale Fire” on Soundcloud and connect with Last Wars at the links below.

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